Language School

You want the best preparation possible for your child so he or she can learn the German language and thereby open up the option of attending a German school or university?

Then your son or daughter should learn the language where it is actually used and spoken, in Germany. Together with other language students your child will be have the support of qualified teachers and experienced educators in our boarding school, where we will pave the way for a successful year of learning German.


Starting in 20/21 we offer new courses for foreign students who want to advance their language skills to the levels A1, A2, B1 or B2. The school year starts on the first of August and finishes on the thirty-first of July in the following year. With the exception of the Autumn-, Christmas- and Easter-Holidays our boarding school is open throughout the year. If necessary, we can take care of finding suitable accommodation during the above mentioned holidays.

Course Objective

Our language courses are based on the “Common European Reference Framework for Languages”, in which level A designates a 'basic user' who can communicate in routine fashion and navigate the essentials of life, and level B an 'independent user' who is able to adapt to varying situations and respond with spontaneity and fluidity.

The respective courses are completed by way of a locally held examination. Four different areas of skill are individually graded: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, spoken language production and written language production.

Each student will receive an officially recognised certificate for their language skills which qualifies them to attend a German-speaking school.

Entry-level Test

In case a student already possesses existing language skills in German we can test their ability level locally or in a videoconference. A school enrolment can take place at the beginning of a school year or at half-year.


For the first semester weekly lessons will amount to 20 hours. Mondays to Fridays there will be 4 lessons of 45 minutes each in the mornings and supervised homework in the afternoon using language education software of the firm “Deutschfuchs”. In addition to the lessons there will be regular activities and excursions for the students to practice their new skills in a variety of settings.

Starting at level B1, reached after the first semester, there will be an additional daily double lesson in subjects like mathematics, economy or English. At level B2 frequent attendances of regular class lessons are planned.

Course Rooms

Our course rooms are equipped according to the requirements of a modern school setting: video projectors, interactive Whiteboards and computer workstations. We also welcome the usage of own multimedia devices such as laptops or tablets. If necessary we can provide a tablet to the student for the duration of the course.

Size of a Group

To assure a quick pace of learning and provide ample individual support, students will be taught in groups of 5-10 persons.


All students live together with German students in our boarding house, requiring them to communicate in German from day one.

We offer furnished single and double rooms. Female students have their own floor in the building.

Care and supervision appropriate for the age groups of the students will be provided by our professional educators around the clock and in accordance to our house rules.


Our kitchen staff provides three meals a day as well as a tea time with cake, biscuits and other snacks. We try to provide a wide variety of foods and are prepared to offer alternatives for special dietary needs such as allergies or preferences like vegetarian food.

Furthermore there are kitchens for all student groups where students can prepare their own meals by themselves or in cooperation with others.

Leisure Activities

We offer numerous leisure activities. Apart from many physical activities students have the options to learn a musical instrument under professional tutelage or to express themselves artistically in other guided courses such as painting or airbrush.

The nearby city of Osnabrück also offers a variety of activities. One recommended example is the night watch tour, a guided trip through the medieval history of the city.


Depending on a student's country of origin, a visa may be required in order to attend our school. Insurance protection in particular must be confirmed. We are ready to help you with attaining the necessary documents.

The short-term issue of a residence permit is guaranteed after registration at our language school.

Fees and Contact

The fees for our language school amount to 2500€ per month. Upon registration at our language school the total amount for one year (=12 months) is due.

For further information or additional questions please contact us at info(a) or by phone

+49 5404 9627-20

Mr. Litsche-Niekamp is looking forward to your call.