Living in the boarding school

Our boarding students are distributed to the different residential areas according to their age, gender and chosen school.

We leave the interior design of the rooms largely o the students' own creativity, letting them create a comfortable ambience amid familiar belongings. We can't replace the family home, of course, but we do our best to offer an invigorating living and learning environment with a pleasant atmosphere.

For the younger students, the daily “Silentium”, the time allocated for homework and preparations for upcoming exams, takes place in a classroom under supervision and guidance by a teacher. Older students are normally allowed to prepare their homework in their rooms, supervised by a tutor. 

We regard helping youngsters that, for whatever reason, demonstrate behavioural or educational deficiencies among our most important tasks. To that aim we employ an experienced psychologist, assisting the team in our efforts to support and take care of every individual in the best possible way.